Security – Supports security through TLS/SSL – Designed for devices with limited resources, focuses on efficiency – Security can be implemented with TLS/SSL – Provides comprehensive security mechanisms through the AMQP framework
Economics – Low bandwidth and resource consumption – Efficient for devices with limited resources – Requires more resources compared to MQTT and CoAP – Requires more resources compared to MQTT for the same performance
Reliability – High reliability with QoS levels – Typically implemented on devices that require high availability – High reliability with built-in error management – High reliability with ACK mechanism and message deduplication
Benefits – Lightweight, suitable for unstable network conditions – Efficient for IoT devices with resource limitations – Web standard, easy to implement and access – Supports various message delivery scenarios and flexible message exchange
Software – Mosquitto, HiveMQ, RabbitMQ – Californium, CoAPthon – Apache HTTP Server, Nginx – RabbitMQ, Apache Qpid